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How can comedy help my company?

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” Edgar Allan Poe

Is the monotony of your daily work routine getting you down?  Forget about any "professional" considerations you may have had that kept you from sharing a little humor and laughter with your co-workers! Let yourself go and tell that funny story or a few good jokes! They might be just the prescription for not only breaking up your co-workers around the water cooler, but also breaking up the tedium each day when it's all "business". 

Comedy helping a company NJ
Comedy helping a company smile

Successful business owners and managers are growing increasingly aware of the many benefits of a little humor, even if its as simple as employees exchanging jokes at work. They recognize that when humor is an integral component of their company culture, a transformation to a more lighthearted culture occurs, creating a much happier and healthier working environment and a lot less stress. 

Due to measurable results from loosening levity into the workplace, the outlook for convivial corporate climates is warming up and proving to be a good direction to go for your company and you!

The psychic reading your companies mind
The psychic reading your companies mind

And, the benefits of unleashing your sense of humor at work extend far beyond the good feelings you get while you're laughing yourself silly with each other! Less stress means less sickness and sick days down the road. Would you believe recent reports that a good ole 30 second "belly laugh" could boost your immune system for several months, helping you to ward off disease?

Comedy also generates an atmosphere of openness, compromise and team building. When people are laughing together, their defenses are down and they become more approachable. Whether you're chuckling with your boss or co-workers, humor is the great equalizer that relaxes and humanizes everyone, providing fertile ground for boosting morale and increasing productivity.

There are many ways to inject fun into your workplace but one choice stands alone as a proven comedy change agent, Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company, an original comedy production company that has been unleashing the Power of Comedy at businesses, corporations and nonprofit organizations throughout PA, DE, MD and NY for over 16 years. 

Their troupe specializes in producing high energy, live comedy mystery dinner shows that will set an environment where people are constantly engaged and entertained. With curious, comedic characters, mind-boggling clues, and (of course) hilarious jokes, their performers will have your group grinning through their spyglasses and thanking YOU for the fun.

For corporate parties, fundraisers, or general admission, their mystery shows have the fingerprints of fun all over!

The sheriff can tell your employees need a laugh
The sheriff can tell your employees need a laugh

When was the last time you had a good laugh at your company? Find out what a PA Murder Mystery can do for YOUR organization or business....

Call or email Riddlesbrood today, your employee morale just might depend on it!



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