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Group Tours in Smithville NJ

Smithville is one of the top visited attractions in New Jersey for group outings.

Smithville Jersey Devil Show 2002
Jersey Devil show 2002


Because this destination is loaded with history, eclectic shopping, great food and entertainment - supplied by Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company, of course!

Riddlesbrood has picked this location to host group tours since 2001 because it makes such a well-rounded day trip package and it's close proximity to Atlantic City. Group tours in Smithville New Jersey will satisfy your thirst, hunger and yearning to laugh- all in one day! Plus, booking through Riddlesbrood can get you a 10% off shopping coupon! What more can you ask for when setting up your group outing this year?

Take a trip across the world in one day by visiting Smithville’s many shops specializing in international knick-knacks. ‘Out of Ireland’ transports the Gaelic, foot stomping country to New Jersey in minutes. Selling a collection of one-of-a-kind imported goods straight from where the leprechauns party all night! From knit-wears to homestead music you will leave this shop with the luck of the Irish! Walk a few steps and you’re surrounding by Venetian masks and murano glass stemming from Italy’s finest establishments. Your dogs barking? Then take a train ride through the beautiful landscape at the Village Greene. If your party is filled with homebodies or world travelers, a group tour in Smithville, NJ is the perfect place to please everyone.

hunter of the jersey devil
Jersey Devil Hunter NJ

Choosing Smithville for your group outing is a no-brainer because Riddlesbrood will supply the expertise on the town so you never feel like you’re missing a beat! Since the 17th century The Smithville Inn has hosted travelers from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Having Riddlesbrood blueprint your gathering will ensure an amazing meal and hysterical entertainment: starting the day just as you dreamed with laughter and friends.

For a low, competitive price, your group will start the adventure with a warm meal and a hearty laugh over at the Smithville Inn. The actors will perform a live dinner theater performance that is sure to tickle your guests with their hilarious comedic talents. The interactive show will get the crowd howling and electrify you to spend the rest of the day with them, sending goosebumps down your spine in anticipation of what may happen next!

We understand if your abs hurt from laughing so hard from spending the day with these comedic geniuses; luckily group tours in Smithville New Jersey are welcomed to spend the night at unique lodging facilities.

With two remarkable guest houses on the premises, it covers everyone's personal needs. If a lake view bed & breakfast meets your inner soul, be sure to check out The Colonial Inn, located right in Historic Smithville and perfect for easy meals and beautiful sunsets.

If stepping into a time capsule answers your historian questions, than be sure to stop by The Barn. With only twelve rooms available this spot is unique on unique. With over the top decorations and elaborate floor plans, this place teleports the mind right back to Smithville’s origins, Colonial America.

bus tours smithville nj
in the pillary in smithville nj

Group tours in Smithville NJ will cover the entire party’s needs, with the assistance of a touring theater company. Take a walk on the wild side by having one of the most historic places in New Jersey unfold for you in narration by one of the most well-known comedic theater companies of New Jersey. It’s a match made in heaven, just as those travelers felt crossing into New Jersey from Pennsylvania or vice versa.

Group tours in Smithville New Jersey can only be done by The Riddlesbrood Company because they are New Jerseyians. Based in New Jersey, therefore local to the tri-state area, they provide stellar service for you and your companions. For more information regarding the troupes history and experience please visit their murder mystery page. To book a tour or other private show ( they can accommodate to anything!) please call them at 866-276-6399.

By Clyde Jun 2014



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