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Halloween Murder Mystery Party

Halloween is the perfect time to host a Murder Mystery party! And take it from me, Madame Cluedefti, expert on all things Murder Mystery, I know that a hilarious, spooky Halloween Murder Mystery show performed by the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company will thrill your guests more than a high-voltage jolt from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. There is still time to book your event for October!!

Rearview Screamer
Halloween drive for a murder mystery

Think back over the years and remember all those Halloween parties that you’ve either thrown or attended. Perhaps many of them look similar? I’m sure they were all fun, but why not do something different this year? After all, how many more times do you want to face plant into a water-filled tub of apples hoping to bite into one that doesn’t already have a bite in it? And, how many more times do you want to play that game when you stick your hand into a bowl without looking and try to guess what you’re feeling? I don’t know about you, but I, for one, have peeled my last grape eyeball and boiled my last batch of spaghetti guts! If you’re planning a party in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland or the New York areas and you want to do something different, a Riddlesbrood Halloween Murder Mystery will make your party the unique, fun-filled, electrifying event your guests will talk about for weeks afterwards.

pet the rodent
Mysterious creature in NJ

Our weird and strange troupe of derelicts offer many original, time-tested shows, several of which are perfect for Halloween, such as 'Revenge of the Jersey Devil', 'House of Conundrums' and their “Franken-Murder” Frankenstein show, which is a hilarious Halloween treat with the perfect blend of mystery and comedy that will thrill your guests to the bone. Join Doctor Frankenstein and Igor as they “dig up” clues in this horror themed Murder Mystery adapted from Mary Shelley’s classic tale. Franken-Murder will keep you in stitches, but don’t worry— in the end you’ll live happily ever cadaver!

Riddlesbrood’s hilarious “Sherlock Holmes - Tavern Spirit” Murder Mystery is customized especially for Halloween. Pit your wits against the world-famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes as he unlocks the secrets of a maddening case. Other quirky detectives including a satirical, quick-with-the one-liners inspector from Scotland Yard and a reluctant side-kick named Irene Adler, join Sherlock along with an assortment of zany suspects that will get your guests laughing as they assist in solving the murder.

There’s no escaping the fun of Riddlesbrood’s “Houdini’s Whodunnit” show, also perfect for a Halloween Murder Mystery. In this show, Houdini, the great illusionist, returns from the grave to help a young magician unravel clues and teach him how to escape from any trap. A deadly crime has been committed, and Riddlesbrood will give your guests the opportunity to figure out the identity of the culprit and his dastardly deed. (And don't forget that often there is a discount if you choose a weekday for your event...such as Monday or Wednesday, since they are less busy.)

Spooky Halloween skull
Spooky Halloween skull

So, do something unique and different this year by planning a Halloween-themed event with Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company performing one of their hilarious Halloween Murder Mystery shows. But, old traditions die hard I know, so yes, you can still carve pumpkins, tell scary ghost stories, and munch on candy corn at your party . . . although I never understood that invention. Why corn? They look more like candy fangs! And, what’s with those homemade popcorn balls? Does anybody really eat those? They were always one of the last things left in my plastic pumpkin two months after trick-or-treat! Sorry, I digress!

A Halloween Murder Mystery is not only perfect for a Halloween party, but is also a fantastic idea for a Halloween-themed October birthday, or family reunion, or an October wedding, or even an autumn corporate function. Most Riddlesbrood shows can be performed with various themes, so if you’re planning an event for the upcoming holidays or perhaps something for next year, contact them soon to discuss your event details, and they’ll help you choose the perfect theme for your occasion. (Read their previous blog on how to choose the best theme for your event).

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company has over nineteen years’ experience performing several hilarious murder mystery themes and other original shows...Hell we even have our own theme-song! Riddlesbrood shows are professional, high-energy fun. Starting with their extensive pre-preparation process, they’ll ask many questions to determine what your needs are and help you choose the best party theme depending on your event’s location and your gathering’s special occasion. They offer several attractively-priced packages, and will work with you to make the show you choose fit perfectly into your event. The professionals at Riddlesbrood always arrive at least an hour before your guests to set up, and they bring everything needed for a successful presentation from amazing hand-crafted sets, scenery, and props to appropriate music to set the ideal mood. All shows offer plenty of audience participation and are family-friendly.

Halloween character nj
Murder mystery during Halloween is the best

So leave those old Halloween party ideas buried and host a Halloween Murder Mystery! Contact Riddlesbrood today to discuss your event’s needs at 866-276-6399 or visit Murder Mystery Party Packages for more information.



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