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Audience Participation in a Murder Mystery

Updated: Apr 6

I know you’re thinking about whether or not to host an audience participation murder mystery in NJ, because I, Madame Cluedefti, expert on all things murder mystery, gazed inside my crystal ball and saw that you’re planning an event; (that, and the fact that an all-knowing search engine brought you directly to my blog, because – to be honest - crystal balls aren’t really as accurate as Google). In any case, you’ve found the right place for information on a unique, fun-filled audience participation murder mystery in NJ, for I can tell you everything you need to know about that subject. You’ve made an excellent choice to shift your event into high gear by hosting an audience participation murder mystery. An interactive event is always more fun for your guests than simply expecting them to pass time chatting about the weather. Of course, your guests should feel free to chat about the latest heat wave, snow storm, or rain shower if they wish … but an audience participation murder mystery in NJ will add action-packed excitement to your special occasion and create those exceptional moments and hilarious photos your guests will share on social media. (As for me, I’ll look for them in my crystal ball.)

Cluedefti in her lair
The Madame Cluedefti discusses participation

The folks at Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company are experts on audience participation murder mystery shows in NJ, and they also perform in PA, DE, MD and NY. An audience participation murder mystery is a winning idea for any event, whether you’re planning a birthday party, a reunion, a graduation, a wedding, or a holiday party. With an audience participation murder mystery, your guests can be part of the show, and some people love to participate. There are many ways this can be accomplished.  Guests can be assigned parts in advance to read during the show, or a guest might be chosen randomly as a volunteer. In some shows, information about guests can be obtained prior to the show, then they’re worked into the plot during the performance. Most murder mystery companies ask the audience to follow clues presented throughout the show, then put them together at the end to guess who the killer is. There tends to be more excitement with an interactive murder mystery and the audience gets to laugh as others are put on the spot. Participation leads to bonding and your guests feel more like they’re part of it all.Now you may be wondering (because my crystal ball told me) if your guests will actually participate in an interactive murder mystery show or not. Well, let me assure you right away that the level of audience participation at your event is completely up to you and your guests. So if you’re not sure an audience participation murder mystery will work for your event, because you’re concerned your aunt Edna won’t want to play along in front of others, or your boss would be embarrassed to wear a silly hat on his head during the interrogation scene, or that your drama-queen niece would try to steal the show with her rousing rendition of “New York New York” fear not, for you can decide the level of participation that works for your group. You can even choose, in advance, who will participate, if you wish. If the majority of your guests are up for an adventure, then you may not want to predetermine anything, and simply allow the unforgettable moments to be completely spontaneous.

interactive mystery
NJ murder mystery winner

You determine how much audience participation to include.

Let the folks at Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company help you decide which of our unique, original shows would be perfect for your event, and how it could be adapted for your group, if needed. The professionals at Riddlesbrood have over fourteen years’ experience and they can help you decide how much interactivity would be perfect for your gathering. For example if your guests are primarily young and/or the mood of your party lends itself to mingling and excitement, then more audience interactivity is likely to be a good thing.  On the other hand, if your event is for seniors or the atmosphere of your event is more formal, then high levels of interactivity may not be well received.

An audience participation murder mystery at any level of audience interactivity is great for enhancing and developing relationships.  Your guests will interact with each other and possibly learn new things about people they’ve known for years . . . like the fact that your brainiac sister has amazing powers of deduction and was able to identify the murderer halfway through the show! A murder mystery party challenges the brain.  It polishes your guests’ rusty powers of deduction, so they’re able to put all the pieces together to solve the puzzle.   If you’re organizing a corporate event, an audience participation murder mystery in NJ is a fun, creative way to stimulate morale and train coworkers to communicate more effectively, as well as sharpen their decision-making and listening skills.

using some audience participation in a murder mystery
Audience Participation NJ

Contact the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company today to discuss your audience participation murder mystery in NJ or any other show you may be interested in.  For more information on shows available, visit Murder Mystery Party Packages or call them at 866-276-6399. 



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