The Best College Entertainment: Murder Mystery

Welcome, welcome. I am Madam Cluedefti; psychic, fortune teller and college entertainment expert! Come, sit down. May I get you something to drink? My apologies, my crystal stemware  broke and all I have are these red solo cups. Actually, this should do just fine since you’re here to find out how to host the perfect college entertainment event. Well you’re in luck, I have just the suggestions you need.

College Entertainment: Murder Mystery

Murder Mysteries are a great magnet to pull people in. They satisfy many different senses that attract students such as: entertainment, food, curiosity and competition. The college scene is a great venue for a murder mystery because there are so many minds together on the same stage, the university.

College is all about getting to know yourself, your roommates and of course that cute girl in speech101. Students always meet one another through events being held on campus.  This is how students find other people with like interests. These gatherings are screaming to have a participatory festivity that will keep them involved. If you’re planning an event like this you’re in the right place!

College Murder Mystery

Pairing up your college with a murder mystery is a perfect way to get young twenty something’s to join your revolution, because what does a dinner theater show have? DINNER! There is no better way to spend your college night after being at the library all day, hypnotized by index cards and drooling in your textbooks than laughing with friends over a cheap meal to some great entertainment. What more could a broke, college kid ask for?! Make the ticket prices cheap (or even free), dish out something other than ramen noodles and you’re sure to have a sellout crowd.

Pick a well-known location like the student center to ensure classmates know exactly how to get there. This will also entice the kids to join in on your college entertainment event instead of  at some other party, where they might get into trouble. Also, be sure there is ample room for the entertainment crew, tables, chairs and the guests to move about freely. With a larger venue and higher guest list a buffet-style dinner tends to work best as it lets people choose when they want to gobble and keeps the dinner accessories to one area. Riddlesbrood’s entertainment can accommodate to any size or shape showroom! Make sure to browse their website so you pick the perfect dinner show package for you, including all items needed to make sure your special night is one never to forget!

Murder Mystery at ROWAN

If it’s the first week of school and your sorority is throwing a mixer with the neighboring frat, be sure to incorporate a murder mystery party into your college entertainment plan! Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company will be sure to loosen the mood and smash any young-love anxiety roaming about with their hilarious scripts and over-the-top costumes. 

What college kid doesn’t love a good theme party - a great idea would be to host a masquerade with the Mardi Gras theme Riddlesbrood offers, keeping the tension high like clog pipes about to burst! A Mardi Gras gala is perfect for a college mixer because it has many different components ensuring your attendees are never bored! What better way to get to know your new best friends than not being able to see their face?

The Riddlesbrood players are pack of chameleons, blending in, adapting to their settings and just like your young, sponge-like-minds, ever changing. Maybe you’re an upper class-man and too cool for school. Instead of standing around theoretically analyzing what Chaucer’s pilgrimage in The Canterbury Tales meant, have your own real-life adventure - which is exactly what this company supplies. They have countless amounts of themes for any age or setting, transforming the blandest stages into gory crimes scenes or creepy laboratories. Taking that Math 100 test stress away and teleporting you into a murder mystery that you now have to solve! 

Riddlesbrood has performed for many major college's including, Rowan University, Rutgers, LaSalle, University of Findlay Ohio, North Carolina School of the Arts and many others!

College is all about study, eat and sleep. Make sure to host your party at a time convenient for all guests! If your rendezvous needs to be held later in the evening, that's not a problem for the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company. They are a TRAVELING act, local to New Jersey and Pennsylvania but travel anywhere! They also work seven days a week to be as flexible as possible so that your murder mystery college entertainment night gets an A+!

If you need any more information on their company please visit their College Murder Mystery Events page. To speak with them directly please call 866-276-6399.

Murder Mystery for students

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