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How We handle subject matter in our shows

As a prospective client, you may be curious about how we, as a company, handle subject matter (Jokes & general content.) in our shows and its appropriateness for you upcoming event.  This little 'Humor Manifesto' will make our process more clear to you:

Clyde telling a joke
Clyde telling a joke

After 17 years of presenting original, live comedic entertainment to a wide variety of audiences at private, corporate and public venues throughout the east coast, we have established some core values concerning our unique brand of humor.  Generally, our Dinner Theater and Murder Mystery events focus on interactive spontaneity and improvisational skills intended to give each audience an opportunity to "let loose", laugh, and have a great time.  Beyond this, as an artistic company based upon creating original productions, we feel strongly about the right of free speech and, as a matter of principle, oppose the arbitrary restrictions of the hypersensitive. Since our inception, our motto has been ‘The laugh justifies the means’, which has become a hallmark of our success. 

 We do, however, believe in one all-mighty censor—YOU, the client!

While we firmly believe in the positive power of laughter and often unleash it in bold, edgy ways, we always defer to the party or event planner who hires us to determine the rating (G, PG, PG-13) for each of their shows.  In this way, they can be assured that the language, subject matter and humor, along with the costumes and settings, will always be the best fit for their specific group and occasion.  By taking into account the preferences of each individual audience as expressed by the planner of the event, we are emboldened to make each event a fresh, appropriate and uniquely personalized comedy that connects with the tastes of the audience while simultaneously considering the client's preferences, goals and concerns, as well as the composition and tenor of the group.

Beyond prioritizing these individual subjective aspects of each show, there are some inherent boundaries that Riddlesbrood vigorously preserves.  Unless otherwise specifically requested, you can ALWAYS count on the following:

  1. We will not swear or use curse words.

  2. We will not use any overt vulgarity or explicit sexual terms.

  3. We will not use widely acknowledged racial, religious or ethnic slurs.

No PC here
No PC here

We are committed to presenting the best, funniest and most appropriate content to each and every client, no matter what the special event or occasion.  Whether it's a children's show, a corporate function, a community festival, a church fundraiser or a raucous bachelorette party: NO TWO SHOWS WILL EVER BE THE SAME!

Appropriateness is relative!  Content that we purposefully incorporate into one group’s show will be hilarious to them but might be considered inappropriate or even, offensive, to a different group.  Therefore, judgments about our company’s humor based on a single, specific event wouldn't be correct, or even possible.

Humor is truth! We envision a world where everyone doesn't take themselves so seriously all the time, where the freedom to laugh and have fun is an inalienable right and we dedicate our company to making a contribution toward that goal with every comedy production we present to private, corporate and public audiences. 

With all of this valuable info, We're confident that you have learned how we regulate our content! Remember, your the boss! Riddlesbrood knows how to plan a party and they can guide you through this process. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions at 866-276-6399. Or visit our company website at Murder Mystery Party.


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