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Hen Night Out Mystery Party!

Oh yes, it’s ladies night...are you feeling right?

Good day, I am Madame Cluedefti the expert on all things Murder Mystery. Do I sense a strong urge for a girl’s night? Well, feed that hunger and look no further! You have come to the right spot to find perfect ideas for your Hen Night Murder Mystery Party.

The Madame
The Madame

...May I join you? I haven’t had a girls night in centuries (literally) ...

Why are girl's nights crucial to women’s sanity? It’s because our girlfriends are the ones who truly understand us - no matter how crazy we sound! Girls' night out revolve around letting our hair down, eating, drinking, movies and of course, boy talk! What better way to laugh off your troubles and build a stronger, tighter bond with your besties than a Hen Night Murder Mystery Party?

Think about it: if you’re looking for Girls Night out Ideas, a murder mystery includes all the things a ladies night needs for success. Food, beverage, laughter, a REAL-LIFE movie and maybe some mild embarrassment!

Of course you can do it at any local restaurant or banquet facility near you, but also in your own home! Hosting a ladies night in, is a perfect way to build your own menu with all of your BFFs favorites on it! Have the food in a central location so it is easily accessible and not in the way of the performance. This way your girlies can pick and choose as they please. Make sure to include plenty of chocolates and ice cream to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Check out Riddlesbrood Murder Mystery Pinterest Page for some great murder themed recipe ideas!

What is a Hen Night Murder Mystery Party without a few cocktails? Perhaps a Bloody Mary will be on this mysterious night of murder’s menu? Let’s face it, when us girls get together we want to relax, have a few drinks and laugh the night away. Be sure to have ample supply of drinks on the table during the show, to keep the spirits high and belly’s full! Let’s just hope they don’t spit out the liquor from laughing so hard! And remember not to drink and drive...after all you might spill your drink!

What girl wasn’t found in their Mommy’s closet, covered in lipstick and draped in pearls? A Hen Night Murder Mystery Party is a great excuse to relive this experience and escape from the day-to-day blues! Have the girl’s over before the show, so you can all get ready together! Swap make-up, dresses and shoes to ensure you all look the part! Riddlesbrood Touring Theater company has hundreds of themes that will kick start your ladies' night into high gear! 80's themes, wedding themes, the roaring 20's, you name it! Make sure to check their website before booking so you are prepared for the night ahead! Get props, decorations and other themed items to transform your house into a new setting, brewing your girlfriend's suspicions as to what the nighttime activities might entail!

My personal favorite is Mardi Gras. Bust out the short skirts, beads and glitter-this night has just begun! If purple and gold are your colors, this is going to be your lucky night.

girls night out
girls night out

DISCLAIMER: Mardi Gras Theme has been known to make the girls go wild! Work is hard, relationships are tough and life in New Jersey or Pennsylvania sometimes just isn’t fair. What is the best medicine for this ailment? Your girlfriends. When your core group of girl’s get together it’s a time to lean one another for support. What better way to rely on each-other than to solve a mystery together? Just remember one thing: No Boys Allowed.

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company can fulfill your wildest night’s desires through murder, mystery and laughter! Don't forget that we also do a fun and exciting game show that all of the girls will love! Drink wine and play games, what could be better?



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