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An uncontrollable urge to read!

Updated: Apr 6

Behold, dear reader, for I shall now regale you with the tale of a mysterious and enigmatic troupe known as “Riddlesbrood”. A group of eclectic performers who possess a remarkable ingenuity and a penchant for the bizarre, the strange, and the outlandish. Their shows are unlike anything that has ever been witnessed before, and their unique and daring approach to comedic performance has captivated audiences far and wide!

Riddlesbrood is a group of individuals who are driven by their passion for creating the most mind-bending and unforgettable shows. They have earned a reputation as masters of the obscure, utilizing a combination of elaborate mechanical props, mesmerizing humor, and peculiar characters to craft memorable experiences for their audiences. Their shows are not limited to a traditional stage but often take place in restaurants, banquet facilities and even outdoor settings, further adding to the mystique and charm of their performances.

Their signature color scheme is one of purple and gold, a bold and vibrant combination that is as eye-catching as it is striking. The colors themselves seem to exude a certain otherworldly quality that perfectly matches the tone of their shows.

At the heart of Riddlesbrood's mystique is their enigmatic mascot, a figure known only as “Clyde”. This character is the personification of Riddlesbrood's essence, a mysterious figure who embodies their ethos of ingenuity, creativity, and outlandishness. Clyde is often seen lurking in the shadows during their shows, his presence adding an air of intrigue and mystery to the proceedings. He is a central part of the Riddlesbrood mythos, and his presence is felt in everything they do.

But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Riddlesbrood is their unique language, known as Brooding. This language is spoken exclusively by members of the troupe, and it's a crucial part of their performances. The strange language itself is as strange and unusual as the shows it accompanies, filled with odd and cryptic phrases that seem to hint at deeper meanings and hidden secrets. It is said that the language is the key to unlocking the true nature of Riddlesbrood, a secret language that only the initiated can truly understand.

And if you seek to gain further insight into the world of Riddlesbrood, then look no further than their book. This tome is a deep dive into their world of outlandish characters, mind-bending mythology, and a theatrical history like no other. It is an essential companion for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the world of Riddlesbrood and the enigmatic figures who populate it.

riddlesbrood outdoor stage

In conclusion, Riddlesbrood is a group of performers unlike any other, a troupe that possesses a rare and remarkable ingenuity that sets them apart from their peers. Their shows are wildly funny, bizarre, and unforgettable, and their approach to performance art is as daring as it is unique. With their purple and gold color scheme, enigmatic mascot Clyde, and unique language of Brooding, Riddlesbrood has carved out a niche for themselves in the world of performance art. And with their book as a guide, we can all gain a deeper understanding of the world they inhabit and the secrets they hold.

So…..Are you looking for a book that will entertain and inspire you? Look no further than this captivating book, the Riddlesbrood Theater Company shares their journey of building a successful theater company from scratch. Filled with stories of triumph and failure, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in pursuing their passion for the performing arts. What sets this book apart is the humor and wit that the Riddlesbrood Theater Company is known for. As you read, you'll find yourself laughing out loud and feeling inspired to take on your own challenges.

Riddlesbrood's book

But this book isn't just for theater enthusiasts. Anyone who is curious about what it takes to start a successful business will find valuable insights and lessons in these pages.

So why wait? Order your copy of the Riddlesbrood Theater Company's book today and discover the secrets to building a thriving theater company. Whether you're a performer, a business owner, or just someone who loves a good story, this book is sure to entertain and inspire you.

A poem for your thoughts!

Young Ardiel, a daring young man,

Embarked on a quest, as brave hearts can.

Up The mountain's treacherous trail,

He climbed--his spirit would not fail.

Nearing the summit, a sight to behold,

A ruined castle, its story untold.

Amongst the crumbling stone and maze,

Ardiel spied a hidden way.

Through cracked walls and rubble strewn,

He ventured forth, where a door was hewn.

But as he delved the depths inside,

A weariness came, he could not hide.

His footsteps dragged, his eyes grew dim,

The earth around him, like a threadbare scrim.

And there, within the mountain's core,

Ardiel drifted, fast asleep to soar.

What dreams did come in that secret place?

Only time will reveal, and at its own pace.

A wondrous tale of old to unlock,

Awaits our hero, when next he walks.



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