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Our First Murder Mystery Party in New Wenonah Jersey


Hosting a murder mystery party with Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company is our definition of “winning” in Wenonah!  Recently, we performed, “Crime Scene Idiots,” a show where hilarious, bumbling police detectives, along with the party guests, solved a murder mystery at a private house party in Wenonah, NJ.  The crowd was small, but the laughs were huge, and even the three family dogs loved us!  (We rated a “10” on the barko-meter.)  We’ve performed in living rooms, family rooms, bathrooms (just kidding), and backyards.  We’ve also performed in banquet halls, restaurants, recreation centers, and public places.  So, no matter where your party is located and no matter how many guests you have, don’t hesitate to contact us to entertain at your next function.  We’ve entertained audiences at birthday parties, bar and bat-mitzvahs, anniversary celebrations, holiday parties and more.  Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company has traveled to the dry town of Wenonah, NJ and all over New Jersey and the surrounding area, which explains the “touring” part of our name!  We have many different types of shows from which to choose, including comedic murder mysteries and fun, interactive game shows, plus, we can customize a show to meet your needs. 


Want a murder mystery for your special event in Wenonah, NJ?


Win with your next party in the borough in Gloucester County by calling Riddlesbrood murder mysteries at 866-276-6399.  Use our online contact form!

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