Welcome to Riddlesbrood's Murder Mystery Blog!

You have come to this Blog because you need information on how to host the best Murder Mystery Party!  Yes, I can read your mind; you’re thinking: where do I start? How do I find the perfect venue?  How do I make a peanut butter and poison sandwich? (Well maybe not that last one...)

Murder Mystery Fortune Teller
Murder Mystery Fortune Teller

I am Madame Cluedefti, a fortune teller and your secret source for all things ‘murder mystery.' I am here to capture your worries and release this arcane knowledge to help you along the journey. 

It is nice to finally meet, I have been waiting for you some time now.  But before I can elucidate you with my entertainment knowledge, I must start by resting my fingertips atop my crystal ball. I slowly glide both hands down the sides of my magic orb. A cloud of steam brews inside as a cast of characters seem to break through the glass!  A whisper is heard seeping through my beaded curtains...

Ahh Ha!! I see the Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company in your future!  Of course! They concoct the most mystifying and enthralling dinner theater parties in New Jersey. A show, an experience, all for a thrill deposited in your memories! This troupe has been in business for over a decade yet has centuries of history behind them. The players that make up this band are composed of mesmerizing talent guaranteed to make your audience forget they are just eating dinner!

What can this woman know of planning the perfect murder mystery party in New Jersey, you ask?  Well, I have earned my living on the boardwalk as a fortune teller for three out of my past four lives, providing lost souls with answers to their queries.  I know that which you seek. I feel you’re in need for an experience none will forget. A company that knows the business better than you know how long it takes to blow dry your hair. You have come to the right place!

Now Shhhhhhhh! Over the upcoming months, I shall post a mind blowing assortment of information about hosting your Murder Mystery Party. Everything from choosing the right theme, the right table layout, the menu, the food service…all this and more.