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Riddlesbrood's Rollicking Ride: 23 Years of Chuckles and Cheers!

Ah, theater! A world where characters come to life, stories unfold, and emotions run wild. But there's one theater company that doesn't just stop at evoking emotions – they ensure you're laughing all the way back to the car! Welcome to the world of Riddlesbrood, where every show is an invitation to a roller-coaster ride filled with interaction, positive vibes and barrels of laughter! What have we been doing the past 23 years? How did we get here?

Early touring theater troupes performing

2000: The First Year

Well, let's step into the magical early days, where Riddlesbrood was a fledgling, spreading its wings. Picture this: the year is 2000, the world breathing a sigh of relief post the Y2K hullabaloo, and in the weird realm of New Jersey, history was being made. Long before they became a household name, Riddlesbrood was carving out its niche in the theater landscape. It all began in the summer of 2000, with the company preparing to breath fresh, comedic life into a timeless classic—"A Christmas Carol." It wasn't just a foray into traditional theater; they revolutionized the "Dinner Theatre" scene across the nation (Ok, well at least in the small town of Collingswood, NJ). Their productions, such as "Medieval Mayhem," showcased an early love for humor intertwined with historical narratives. These pioneering events weren't just shows; they were the genesis of Riddlesbrood's legacy, laying the foundation for decades of laughter, engagement, and theatrical brilliance.

2001-2004: The Showbarn Years

In an incredibly fortuitous turn of events, Riddlesbrood found itself on the cusp of a monumental opportunity that would shape its future. The Showbarn Dinner Theater, located in picturesque Smithville, New Jersey, offered them the gig of a lifetime. This wasn't just any gig; it was the company's big break. Recognizing Riddlesbrood's unparalleled talent and unique flair, the venue hired them to be in residence, entrusting them with the significant responsibility of performing all of the Dinner Theater Shows at the facility. This collaboration was not short-lived. Over the course of the next four years, the walls of the Showbarn reverberated with the sounds of laughter, the enthusiastic applause from captivated audiences, and the unmistakable, electric vibe of interactive horseplay that was quickly becoming the hallmark of Riddlesbrood. The company's dedication to their craft was evident, as they impressively staged more than 400 shows during their tenure there. However, all good things come to an end. In a poignant twist, the venue sadly went out of business in 2004. With heavy hearts, Riddlesbrood found itself back on the road full time, carrying with them the cherished memories of their time at Showbarn.


Mid-2000s: Laughter, the Best Medicine

At a time when circumstances seemed to be pushing them into a corner, Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company showcased their resilience and adaptability. Just as one might believe they had been beaten down; they astounded their audiences once again with the introduction of Murder Mysteries. But these weren't just any murder mysteries; they were a delightful blend of suspense and humor and zany antics.

The need to leave their cherished venue in Smithville meant that the touring theater company was compelled to refocus their energies on performing at a myriad of different locations. This phase marked a significant turning point for Riddlesbrood, as they truly began to embrace the "touring" aspect of their name. As they moved from venue to venue, their unique brand of murder mysteries became legendary. Each performance posed not only the gripping question of "whodunit" but also the delightful quandary of "how can they infuse so much humor into a mystery?" This was the period where Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company truly began to redefine the boundaries of theatrical comedy and mystery, proving that every cloud indeed has a silver lining.

Behind the scenes of a modern touring mystery production

Late 2000s to Early 2010s: To Infinity and Beyond!

The world changes, and so did the venues for Riddlesbrood But some things never change, like their undying spirit to make people laugh. Nearing around 600 shows by this point, the troupe was back into the swing of things. In 2008, Riddlesbrood ventured into a new realm of entertainment, introducing their product "Cash A la Carte - Game Show". Designed to be a paradigm shift in their portfolio, this game show was heralded as the most interactive entertainment experience they had ever offered. This interactive game show was crafted to engage audiences like never before, creating an immersive experience that participants would remember for a long time.

In the twilight of 2010, Riddlesbrood embarked on a groundbreaking new journey, introducing their Mainstage Shows. These weren't just any productions; they were the most ambitious endeavors the company had ever pursued. The genesis of these monumental Mainstage Shows can be traced back to a collaboration with the Strand Theater in Lakewood, New Jersey. This prestigious theater recognized Riddlesbrood's unique flair and gave them a platform to expand their horizons. Each Mainstage Show was a testament to the company's dedication to pushing theatrical boundaries. With a cast of over 30 dynamic performers and a colossal two-story set that evoked awe, these shows were nothing short of spectacular. The sheer scale and grandeur were unparalleled in Riddlesbrood's history, stretching the company's resources and capabilities to their very limits.

The world around was rapidly transforming. As the digital age progressed, attention spans dwindled, and audiences sought quicker, more immediate forms of entertainment. Yet, in the midst of this transformation, Riddlesbrood's productions swam against the tide. Their shows became even more hilarious, capturing audiences with their unparalleled wit and humor. Over the years, they had honed their skills, sharpening their comedic timing and refining their theatrical techniques. However, the heart of their performances remained unchanged: interactive experiences bursting with fun, laughter and positive energy! It was here, under the gleaming lights of the Strand, that the "Arts on the Move" program was conceived — a program that Riddlesbrood proudly carries forward to this very day, continuing their legacy of innovation and entertainment.

Evolution of stage designs in touring theaters over the years

The 2010’s: Masters of the Craft

Having celebrated a decade of theatrical prowess, the ensuing years saw Riddlesbrood catapulting into the limelight, becoming the emblematic torchbearer of a unique blend of vaudevillian comedy and dinner theater. Their productions weren't just shows; they were eagerly anticipated events, marked on calendars and awaited with bated breath. Each performance was a testament to their unmatched creativity, performing mainstage shows, intriguing murder mysteries, captivating game shows, and more. Yet, as their repertoire grew, so did their horizons. Riddlesbrood wasn't content with just expanding their array of offerings; they dared to venture into the enchanting world of children's theater and immersive summer camps. This decision marked the beginning of a magical journey that transported them to myriad locations, charming audiences far and wide. From the bustling streets of New Jersey to the serene landscapes of Pennsylvania, the historic landmarks of Delaware, the energetic vibes of New York, the picturesque settings of Connecticut, to the coastal beauty of Maryland, Riddlesbrood's caravan of performers journeyed everywhere. Each road trip was a new adventure, filled with the promise of fresh audiences, unfamiliar venues, and the thrill of a live performance. Every town and city they touched became a part of their ever-growing tapestry, weaving stories of laughter, wonder, and entertainment. The magic of the open road, the camaraderie among the troupe, and the allure of ever-changing backdrops made every tour an odyssey of memories. Riddlesbrood wasn't just performing; they were creating theatrical legends, one venue at a time.

The Recent Years: 2020 and beyond - Legacy Continues

As the calendar flipped to 2020, the world was thrust into an era of unprecedented change and challenge. The entertainment industry across the USA, a sector known for its resilience, faced perhaps its greatest test yet with the onset of COVID-19. Theaters, once bustling with eager audiences, were eerily silenced as many closed their doors, succumbing to the pandemic's relentless grip. Yet, in the face of such adversity, Riddlesbrood's spirit proved indomitable. Their unwavering commitment to evoking laughter and joy, even in the bleakest times, shone brighter than ever. While many retreated, Riddlesbrood stood resolute, refusing to let any obstacle, even a global pandemic, dim their theatrical brilliance.

Their determination was palpable, and their innovative spirit unstoppable. Unwilling to let restrictions hinder their mission, they sought alternatives. The company ingeniously pivoted to outdoor performances, recognizing the opportunity and potential of the open air. But they didn't stop there. Riddlesbrood went a step further, constructing their very own trailer stages. These mobile marvels, towable and versatile, allowed them to bring their unique brand of comedy to any location, ensuring that no audience was deprived of laughter.

The essence of Riddlesbrood, rooted in their Showbarn days, remained untouched by the chaos. Were they still interactive? Without a doubt. Fun? Beyond measure. Hilarious? Consistently and unfailingly so. Through every twist and turn that 2020 brought, they adapted, they evolved, but they never strayed from their core ethos. Riddlesbrood remained the theater company that fervently believed in the transformative power of comedy—a magic that could unite people, lift spirits, and forge unforgettable memories, even in the most trying times.

Historic image of a theater caravan on the move

Wrapping Up: A Chuckle-Filled Conclusion

From the humble origins within the Showbarn to the majestic stages they command today, Riddlesbrood's odyssey has been a tale of heroism and unparalleled passion. Over two decades, spanning more than 23 years, they've not merely performed; they've triumphed, standing as a testament to the enduring power of theater. This is a company that has faced every challenge with valor, turning each moment into a mesmerizing spectacle filled with laughter, applause, and memories that echo through the ages. They've crafted not just narratives, but legendary experiences that have etched themselves into the hearts of countless souls. With a spirit that's grown more formidable and vibrant with each passing year, Riddlesbrood stands today, stronger than ever, a beacon of theatrical brilliance. And as they gaze toward the horizon, their eyes shimmer with promise and anticipation, ready to embrace even grander adventures that the future holds. The curtain may fall, but their saga is far from over.

A Nudge and a Wink:

Fancy a laugh? Or maybe a hundred? Dive into the world of Riddlesbrood, where every show is a promise of fun, laughter, and memories. So, what are you waiting for? Book a show for your private event today!



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