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Peddler's Village Company Party

Good day, I am Madame Cluedefti your source for all things Murder Mystery. Trying to plan a Murder Mystery Company Party and can’t seem to make everyone happy? This is a tough one as there as not too many places in Pennsylvania or New Jersey that the entire gang can appreciate. But lucky for you, I know just the spot to impress your CEO. 

Actors getting ready for mystery
Peddlers Village Murder Mystery Troupe

There is place in the heart of Bucks County across a vast 40 acre landscape where you will find a maze of winding brick paths. As you walk along make sure to look up over the bushes and through the trees to spy the colonial style houses and decorations. Fairy tale like moments are around each corner here, comprised of things like a grand carousel and Giggleberry Mountain.  This whimsical place is known as Peddler’s Village. 

This is a home away from home for many South Eastern Pennsylvanians. With over 70 specialty shops and ten plus restaurants, we dare the entire organization not to enjoy their time spent there. Even if you don’t work with foodies or shoppers, the scenery alone is enough to keep them entertained. But alas, you will not need to worry because you’re throwing a Peddler’s Village Company Party and this place has a reputation for putting on a good time, with over eleven festivals a year. All ages truly love this spot and it will be enjoyed by the entire corporation!

Do you know what else Peddler’s Village does so well? Hosts Murder Mystery Parties of course! You’re choosing to throw a murder mystery to keep all employees pleased throughout the course of the evening, correct? You made a good choice because when comedy is involved, it’s hard to have a Debbie Downer present! BUT the same goes for Peddler’s Village: you take your family and friends there because it is a crowd pleaser! What happens when you combined the two? A match made in mystery heaven! They offer many different venues for you to host your Peddler’s Village Company Party; restaurants, banquet centers, meeting rooms and even outside spaces like Giggleberry Fair:  a 10,000 square foot entertainment center!

An outside space is ideal for a company party of over 100 people. Also with a huge guest list a smorgasbord dinner may be better suited, to keep cost lower and the party more organized. Having to hire fifty to sixty waiters can be pricey. By choosing a self-serve meal, you can put the food and accessories off to the side and leave it up to the guest’s when they want to chow down. 

When throwing a shindig outside there are other elements to keep in mind to make sure your party is a night to remember - for good reasons! Outside is not only your playground, but other animals and machines as well - these things can cause quite a racket and it may be hard for your guests to hear the show. Be sure your entertainers bring microphones and are prepared to meet these obstacles. Keep in mind the time of year, if there is high chance of rain or snow during your event, you may want to utilize the restaurants or meeting rooms Peddler’s Village has to offer instead. But if sunny, blue skies are in your five day: fresh air and green grass are the perfect stage for any Peddler’s Village Company Party.

Peddlers PA Mystery
Sherlock Holmes Peddlers Mystery

If not, a restaurant is a perfect setting for a Peddler’s Village Company Party because it eliminates any weather related issues immediately. In addition eateries provide accommodations for you like restrooms, table service and clean up. When picking the restaurant be sure to keep in mind your party size and theme. If you chose Riddlesbrood Mardi Gras theme maybe opt out of Mexican food for the evening! Also call ahead and see what the establishment offers as far as decorations, equipment and other facilities. With over ten restaurants to pick form we are confident you will find the perfect one for your rendezvous! 

Too much mystery juice at the murder show? At Peddler’s Village you can give your guest’s the option of staying the night with a Murder Mystery Package from the Golden Plough Inn. This deal includes two tickets to the Dinner Theater at Peddler’s Pub and dinner for two prepared at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Restaurant.  Serving up traditional American style home cooked meals, this menu has got something for everyone (including new gluten-free items)! They even make it easy on you as the host by hand-picking the perfect menu just for you and your suspects, cough cough I mean guest’s.

Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company are professionals when it comes to Murder mysteries in PA. These veterans are a no brainer when booking your entertainment staff! With over ten themes to choose from and bottomless belly of jokes, they sure will make your night unforgettable.



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