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You’re getting married and, of course, you want everything to be perfect. Well, as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” and I’m not talking about the movie star, Elizabeth Taylor. Unlike Liz, who “practiced” marriage eight times, you’re only going to marry the love of your life once, and it’s going to be one of the best days of your life! In order to make sure your wedding is as fabulous as you’ve always dreamed of, a rehearsal is an important, although not always enjoyable, part of the plan. Rehearsing your ceremony prior to the big day gives everyone who’s involved the essential practice they need to ensure things go smoothly, and there’s less of a chance your 5-year-old flower girl will run down the aisle screaming in terror. I highly recommend you bribe her with chocolate – works every time! Because your bridal party and family members may also need to be bribed (uh – I mean, “thanked”) for attending the run-through, it’s customary to feed them at a dinner after the rehearsal is over.

I, Madame Cluedefti, an expert on all things murder mystery, have an excellent suggestion. Instead of rewarding everybody with only food and drink for enduring fifteen practice-runs up and down the aisle as your nephew Teddy plays Mendelssohn’s wedding march on his trumpet for the hundredth time, why not spice up a potentially bland rehearsal dinner by throwing a murder mystery rehearsal dinner? A murder mystery is a fun, unique way to get your family (and soon-to-be-new family) interacting and collaborating with each other towards the common goal of solving a mystery. They’ll be talking about your rehearsal dinner for years afterward . . . and I mean in a good way . . . not like at my wedding rehearsal dinner when my brother decided to impress my fiancée’s sister with his Popeye the Sailor Man impersonations. Needless to say, that did not go well, and to this day my sister-in-law breaks out in a cold sweat whenever she sees green leafy vegetables. Take my advice and don’t serve spinach at your rehearsal dinner just in case your brother gets the same idea.

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So, your wedding rehearsal can be ordinary, or it can be the most fantastic rehearsal dinner anybody has ever been to when you entertain your guests with a murder mystery by Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Troupe. Riddlesbrood’s shows are unique, high-energy fun, and they’re great for enhancing and developing relationships. Just imagine your father and your new father-in-law getting to know each other while mulling over clues as they try to figure out the murderer’s identity. Your mother and mother-in-law will have something more to ask each other, other than where they bought their new dresses, such as . . . which critical clue was revealed by each zany suspect. Your maid of honor and your fiancée’s sister will share a memorable bonding experience when they’re both chosen to participate in the puzzling storyline. All your guests will thank you over and over for saving them from having to make tedious small talk about the weather and the price of gas and instead providing them with interesting topics for conversation such as, “did you think the crazy fisherman murdered the millionaire or were you convinced it was the nervous, trigger-happy Ghostbuster? Or, did that pin-striped gangster suspect have a motive for shooting the nosy newspaper reporter, and is that sassy moll, Dixie, really an undercover detective”?

When Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Troupe performs at your wedding rehearsal dinner, you can be reassured you’re working with the best, most professional (and most fun) group in the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware area. They’re also willing to travel for your big event, so contact them to discuss your needs. Riddlesbrood has over fourteen years’ experience performing several hilarious, time-tested murder mystery themes and other original shows. In addition, with sufficient advance notice, they can even customize a show especially for your group by including personalized content about you and your fiancée and your guests, or inside jokes that only your family and closest friends would find amusing. Starting with their thorough pre-preparation process, they’ll ask specific questions to determine what your needs are and help you choose the best theme for your rehearsal dinner.

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So, spice up your ordinary wedding rehearsal by turning it into an exciting, fun-filled murder mystery rehearsal dinner with unique relationship-enhancing moments and humorous situations that your family and friends will post on Facebook immediately and talk about well into the future. Hire the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Troupe to perform at your rehearsal dinner, and while you’re at it, consider using the same theme at your wedding. Read all about our unique ideas for themed weddings. For more information, visit Murder Mystery Party Packages or call 866-276-6399

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