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Actor's Spotlight: Meet Brian Albert

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

In a musty, dark dungeon in Pennsylvania, a woman is about to give birth. Her piercing screams mimic the crack of thunder sending shakes up the doctor’s spine. The room is pitch black, the power is out from the storm. The bulging vein in her forehead is like a bursting pipe and only visible when the lightning illuminates the room. The bars on the windows crisscross her body like patchwork when lightning strikes and she screams towards the ceiling. This woman has been in labor for four days.  

“This is madness” the Doctor shrieks! I have never seen labor last this long!” Whatever is inside of you, isn’t like the rest of us...”

Brian Albert Attacked by bloody hand
Brian Albert Attacked by bloody hand

She wails again as the baby begins to come out! The Doctor reveals it’s a boy. He holds the child up in shaking hands and the lightning pummels down. Only for a brief second can we see an image of the child...nothing but insanely blonde, curly hair and a grin the size of the Mississippi.

The Doctor has never been heard from again. But Meet Brian Albert.

That Doctor wouldn’t be the last person Brian spooked from doing something irregular.

Ever since joining Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company in 2003 he’s been known to make audience members jump from their chairs and release shrills from their throats. 

Brian Albert Halloween man
Brian Albert Halloween man

Brian is the mad genius behind Riddlesbrood’s October Spotlight Show, FrankenMurder. It is the first piece he has ever written in his acting career. Channeling his inner Nikolai Tesla (the Serbian American inventor- come on...), whom is a hero to him, Brian invented FrankenMurder. A spine chilling, Halloween tale that will make your hair follicles sizzle and shout! The idea has been with him since before his start at Riddlesbrood. He always knew nothing screamed Halloween quite like Frankenstein, so in 2013 he finally screams...IT’S ALIVE!!

Brian tells us he is not a writer, so  he has no specific style, but he loves comedians like Trey Parker, the co-creator of the hit television show South Park, Brendon Small and the likes of John Candy. Maybe he pulled inspiration for FrankenMurder from these men.

“I love creating and inventing. Acting is the outlet to let me do {that}.” Brian says.  The twenty-five page length thriller will be performed all month by the Riddlesbrood Troupe - be prepared for more defected body parts than a junk yard - brains, blood and hilarity - oh my!

Riddlesbrood team members sure are glad he accepted that dare to try out for the fall play back in college to kick start his acting career. They call him a genius and their resident builder. Anything your mind can imagine - Brian can create! 

He truly takes the audience on a wild ride. His in-your-face style and bold flavor adds a kick to any show he’s in. As an audience member watching, you’re thinking “what is this guy going to do next?” And you wouldn’t dare turn your head to miss out!

Frankenstein Rocks Mainstage Show
Frankenstein Rocks Mainstage Show

To check Brian (oh did we mention he has more accents than Rosetta Stone DVDS?) and the rest of the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company out, stop by a show. Be sure to check out a FrankenMurder performance this month to get the entire family in the Halloween spirit! 

Like Brian says, grab your jumper cables, a shovel and any “body” you can because, IT’S ALIVE!!



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