A Christmas Carol...In Riddlesdiculous

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Greetings, fellow seekers of incomprehensibilities! Tis I, Dr. T Halberd, with a few new discoveries you should be made aware of. As I am a linguist, philosopher and amateur Minecraft player, my time is at a premium. Which is sadly why I just recently broke up with my girlfriend. We only dated for 2 days and three and a half hours…yet emotionally I’m devastated. I thought it was forever, but she just could not handle my courageous pursuit of hidden occult truths! Anyway, I found myself sulking around the town feeling sorry for myself. And to make matters worse, it was Christmas Time, when everyone else seems to be so damn happy! I hate it when I see happy people. When I walked by I noticed that there were decorations all over the town and some sort of holiday fair going on. I found it particularly annoying and deemed it a likely ‘super spreader event’. However, as I wondered off I heard the sound of Christmas carols being sung nearby. But these discordant tunes were far different from any musicality I had ever heard before. I decided to sneak up and find out more. It was coming from a small puppet stage that was tucked into an ally. There were a few children there listening so I decided to stagger down the cobblestone road to get closer.

O Christmas Tree In Brooding
Karistmals Geeth

There was a jester dressed in purple dancing around with a paper in hand... and behind him several puppets peeked out from a small stage. The stage was actually a miniature tent with a large opening in the front, a curious symbol on top and odd embroidery of masks decorating the hems. The puppets and the ragged joker were singing a song together…it sounded like the melody from O Christmas tree. But the words and sounds were unlike anything I had before experienced.

As the children watched in rapt attention, a strange scintillation seemed to hang in the air. My eyes began to play tricks on me as the Jester moved to some archaic dance perhaps originating sometime in the Neolithic. It may have been the 4 cosmopolitans I had early that afternoon, but it seemed to me that there was a shadow moving just behind the audience. Clearly some dark spiritual power was at work, and the performance had awakened some force I could not discern.

Now this all must be taken with great earnestness, for the jester then seemed to realize I was watching him, and he gave me a wink before finally ducking behind the tent. The puppets also went down to a corny sound effect and the kids clapped in amazement. The show was over but my investigation had only just begun.

DR Halberd cogitating on Riddlesbrood