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Murder Mystery Party in Newtown PA


Oh, excuse me! I didn’t notice you there right away, my eyesight’s not what it used to be, you see. My name is Trench-mouth, Owner of this here gas station on the edge of nowhere. Anyhow, I suppose you are thinking about doing a Murder Mystery Party in PA, am I right? Looks like you folks looking to have yourselves a bit of entertainment at the expense of some unfortunate others. That’s ok, that’s what a murder mystery is all about, I’m certainly ain’t no judge of character! Ya see, we performed a murder mystery party here in Newtown some years back. A Show called ‘Rearview Screamer’. It was quite a spooky tale of hitchhikers, monsters and killers! The story revolved around my old fill-up garage. Most my competitors bought themselves some new-fangled electric pumps for their stations…but as you can perceive; I continue to rely on old Granny gurgle right here…and she still pumps at 30 cents a gallon! Sounds pretty good right? Just one little problem…this here fuel…is cursed!!! Pumped up from the depths of a lonely graveyard. Some say it’s made from the sludge of decomposing killers, some say it’s a cause of the Indian burial ground under here, as far as I’m concerned, it’s Satan’s upchuck. I can tell you that the audience loved the show, and all made it out alive. But enough about my gasoline…bet your wondering just how to purchase yourself a great murder mystery show for your party right? That’s easy! Just give us a call and we can hook you up real good!

Venues Local to Newtown PA


"The Brick Hotel (1 Washington Ave Newtown, PA 18940), temperance house (5 S State St Newtown, PA 18940)"


--Local Establishments

Book your show in Newtown PA or anywhere!


Just an FYI, we do more murder mysteries then just tales about gas station killers! We also offer such shows as a Sherlock Holmes and even a 1920's gangerster theme. Just call me up at 866-276-6399 or Fill out our Online Form.

Murder Mystery in Newtown PA
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