The Flashwright Project provides performance spaces in under-served neighborhoods in the Delaware Valley for actors, artists, musicians, start-up theater groups, playwrights, and independent artists who need a presenting space but can’t afford one. Flashwright is dedicated to being a platform that is a bridge between creative artists and audiences of all ages to facilitate an active exchange of ideas, stories, and a passion for live performance.


Why did we start Flashwright?


Over the last 20 years, Ryan Long, Executive Director of the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company. noticed a pressing need in the performing arts industry - the dearth of  affordable venues for local performance artists and small theater groups to use. Unfortunately, low cost, adequate size venues are few in number and often distant from many under-served areas, and even if venues are available, they tend to be expensive to rent, too large to be cost effective or just simply not available. The result is that many financially vulnerable local artists are effectively blocked from the arts ecosystem. They cannot fulfill their creative dreams and audiences miss out on new creative visions.


To remedy this situation, in addition to under-used community venues, we plan to create ‘virtual venues’ as well, that, like a theatrical set, can be erected and struck down in far-flung geographically diverse areas.  In other words, a venue that lives only as long as it needs to to allow the artists time to produce work that matters to them. Once the artist completes their shows, the venue is shut down with no further operating overhead required.  This will be accomplished by renting temporary storefronts, parking lots, commercial spaces, local parks or performance tents in village common areas.


Senior Encore:

We can offer a free touring theatrical performance for senior residents in disadvantaged or undeserved communities, nursing care or hospice facilities, and rehab centers. What the participants in this program will experience:  Professional actors from the Riddlesbrood touring comedy show will come and perform at your facility for free! The seniors will be the beneficiaries of a fun and frolicking performance that will raise their spirits and allow them to enjoy an hour of fun.

Download this PDF application to apply for a FREE show for your residents, fill it out and email it back to us:

Senior Touring Theater NJ

Pop-Up Theater Program:

This program provides a summer venue for a myriad of different shows performed in a traditional vaudeville format where each show follows the next throughout the day..

The Riddlesbrood Touring Company has recently applied for and received it's 501C3 status for its new nonprofit offshoot – The Flashwright Project. This nonprofit will be developing, fostering, and promoting the creativity of playwrights, stage directors, choreographers, dancers, musicians, and actors who have an idea they feel is worth producing. The Flashwright Project will provide opportunities to mount original shows and performances in venues suitable to the proposed venture and will promote these shows to increase prospects for emerging and longstanding artists who wish to have a chance to bring their work to the general public.

To that end, The Flashwright Project is currently accepting applications for its Pop-Up Theater Program, which will provide a venue and promotion to new shows or workshops that the Board of Directors deem to be promising for developing an audience.

Successful applicants will receive funding for a venue to host their production and promotion to publicize their performances. This initiative is contingent on funding, but we are accepting applications now for the 2020 season.

Download this PDF application, fill it out and email it back to us at:

Get your Dream Produced!

Pop Up Theater Program

Arts on the Move:

The “Arts on the MOVE” Performing Arts Program for children and teens culminates with performances in an original musical adaptation of a main stage production. We hope that you will become one of our sponsors, who will not only enjoy the Main Stage Show, but also receive valuable marketing opportunities through your involvement. To date, we have received the support of several major businesses and organizations who are all working with us to assure that the Arts Programs and Shows will be a success. The addition of your participation will further enhance our ability to provide more classes and opportunities for students to perform and reach an even wider audience in the future.

Auditions! Come and join us on our upcoming Spring program!
February 15th- Audition Here!
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Mail Donations to: 1803 Downs Ave Laurel Springs NJ 08021

The    Flashwright Project